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There can be just one interpretation of the term “good food”: although you may not remember the name of the dish you sampled, you will forever recall the joy, surprise, balance and happiness you felt.

Meat is
the star attraction

The best meats are prepared and cut as required, and brought piping hot to the table, just as you requested and with all the fixings you could desire. Enjoy them with your friends – after all, Basegrill has been a favourite meeting point since 2005. Meat is always a cause for celebration.

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What we drink

Since 2010, Basegrill has produced its own grapes and private label wine in an expanse of 1,700,000 square metres, 450,000 square metres of which is covered by vines.

What we eat

The Greek varieties and the flawless execution of each specific cut in the manner befitting its status.

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Where we are

Each visitor comes to Basegrill for a variety of reasons and in a different mood, and has their own unique story.


The Huffington Post: Όλα τα κρέατα στο πιάτο σας

Κάθε κομμάτι κρέατος είναι ψημένο και με τη δική του συγκεκριμένη τεχνική. Όταν είναι έτοιμο, ο σερβιτόρος το φέρνει στο τραπέζι και το κόβει σε φέτες.